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  • U061/1 5 (4+1) furrow rotary plough with safety shear screw

    The 5-furrow plough is heavier and requires more traction power than its 4-furrow counterpart. The 5-furrow version weighs 1700 kg and needs 150 HP of traction power. The machine features the H4S helical mouldboard (950 x 350 mm), 2 hydraulic power ports, adjustable ploughing width, and a steel framework. The plough beam and turning screw diameter is 120 mm. The ploughing body spacing is 950 mm. The ground clearance is 800 mm. The machine features standard 170 x 585 m shares and 310 x 70 mm slicks. The machine’s standard accessories feature the levelling cylinder to keep the plough horizontally aligned when working the field. The plough can feature, as optional accessories, toughened slick, share and type C5 cylindrical mouldboard, as well as the 320/60-12 multifunctional wheel. You can also upgrade it with an adjustable height skim coulter.

    • PRECISE AND EFFICIENT: The standard accessories include the plough levelling cylinder
    • CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU: The plough features a first-furrow adjustment screw gear and a mechanical gear for ploughing width adjustment
    • HIGH PERFORMER: The machine comes with a turning cylinder to enhance overall performance in the field
    • ROBUST AND RELIABLE: High-quality HLE (High Limit Elastic) steel frame
    • HANDY: The plough features 2 handy hydraulic power ports as standard accessories
    • SAFE: Features a safety shear screw
    • FOR MORE EFFICIENCY: The machine can be optionally equipped with a skim coulter with height adjustment and a handy 320/60-12 sized multifunctional wheel


Item Type U061/1
1 Plough bodies [pcs.] 5 (4+1)
2 Furrows [no.] 5 with screw
3 Beam size [mm] 120
4 Rotation screw diameter [mm] Ø120
5 Plough body spacing [mm] 950
6 Frame to ground clearance [mm] 800
7 Machine weight [kg] 1700/2050
8 Power demand* [HP] 150/175
  Optional accessories  
9 Type C5 cylindrical mouldboard
10 Multifunctional wheel: 320/60-12
11 Rotation cylinder V
12 Reinforced chisel 
13 Reinforced share
14 Reinforced mouldboard
15 Skimmer with height adjustment

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

V standard
• optional

. . .