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  • U061 4-furrow rotary plough with non-stop hydraulic safety system

    The 4-furrow rotary plough is protected by the non-stop hydraulic safety system. The machine features the H4S helical mouldboard (950 x 350 mm), 2 hydraulic power ports, adjustable ploughing width, and a steel framework. The ploughing depth wheel size is 10.0/80-12.5 10PR. The machine can be optionally upgraded with self-levelling cylinders. The machine features standard 170 x 585 m shares and 310 x 70 mm slicks. The plough share spacing is 950 cm, and the plough beam and turning screw diameter is 120 mm. The 4-furrow version with the hydraulic safety system weighs 1750 kg and requires a minimum of 150 HP of traction power. The ploughing depth wheel size is 10.0/80-12.5 10PR. The buyer can accessorize the machine with a selection of optional features. Among them are the type C5 cylindrical mouldboard, the 320/60-12 multi-functional plough wheel, a skim coulter with height adjustment, and toughened versions of the slick and share.

    • MADE EVEN SAFER: Features a non-stop hydraulic safety system
    • CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU: The plough features a first-furrow adjustment screw gear and a mechanical gear for ploughing width adjustment
    • HIGH PERFORMER: The machine comes with a turning cylinder to enhance overall performance in the field
    • ROBUST AND RELIABLE: High-quality HLE (High Limit Elastic) steel frame
    • HANDY: The plough features 2 handy hydraulic power ports as standard accessories
    • FOR MORE EFFICIENCY: The machine can be optionally equipped with a skim coulter with height adjustment, a levelling cylinder, and a handy 320/60-12 multifunctional wheel


Item Type U061
1 Plough bodies [pcs.] 4
2 Furrows [no.] non-stop hydraulic protection
3 Beam size [mm] 120
4 Rotation screw diameter [mm] Ø120
5 Plough body spacing [mm] 950
6 Frame to ground clearance [mm] 800
7 Machine weight [kg] 1500/1750
8 Power demand* [HP] 120/140
  Optional accessories  
9 Type C5 cylindrical mouldboard
10 Multifunctional wheel: 320/60-12
11 Rotation cylinder
12 Reinforced chisel 
13 Reinforced share
14 Reinforced mouldboard
15 Skimmer with height adjustment

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

V standard
• optional

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