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  • Manure spreader N272/1 – 12t

    The N272/1 spreader has a load capacity of 12 tonnes. The machine runs on a tandem chassis with parabolic springs and features a forward-leaning 2-rotor adapter. Each rotor drum is balanced to limit vibrations. The replaceable, screwed-in rotor teeth made of high-grade steel improve service life. The tractors are coupled with the machine via the lower hitch that is adjustable, and the coupling can be switched to upper hitch. The machine has a PTO with an overload friction coupling. The manure spreader’s rear hatch is lifted by hydraulic actuators, and the hatch bottom is sealed with a rubber blade to keep the material safely inside, preventing leaks. The protective adapter mesh is raised automatically when the back wall is raised. The machine is controlled by a double-section hydraulic system (or, as an optional accessory for an extra fee, a single-section system with an additional DCV).

    • SMOOTH RUNNING: The machine has a tandem chassis with parabolic suspension springs.
    • EFFICIENT: The two-drum forward-leaning vertical adapter can be upgraded to the four-drum version
    • OPERATING COMFORT: The adapter screw vibration levels have been reduced by accurate balancing
    • RELIABLE: Hydraulically-powered floor conveyor with speed control
    • UNIVERSAL COUPLING: The tractors are coupled with the machine via the lower hitch that is adjustable, and the coupling can be switched to upper hitch.
    • DURABLE: Screwed-on replaceable teeth made of high-grade steel.
    • SAFE: The machine has a PTO with an overload shear pin coupling. The adapter guard is lifted with the rear hatch
    • GREAT QUALITY OF WORK: The rear hatch is lifted and closed with hydraulic actuators. The hatch bottom edge features a rubber sealing blade to prevent the load from spilling outside.
    • INTUITIVE CONTROLS: Depending on the model, the machine is controlled with a single or two-section hydraulic system.
    • SAFE IN THE FIELD, SAFE ON THE ROAD: Features a manual parking brake, a two-line pneumatic road brake, mudguards, road lamps and wheel chocks for improved safety of operation


Item Type N272/1
1 Load capacity [kg] 12000
2 Body capacity [m3] 12.6
  Overall dimensions  
3 Length [mm] 7420
4 Width [mm] 2480
5 Height [mm] 3050
  Loading space dimensions  
6 Length [mm] 5200
7 Width [mm] 1990
8 Height [mm] 1200
9 Kerb weight [kg] 5360
10 Gross combined weight[kg] 17360
  Tractor requirements  
11 Power demand [hp] Min. 120
  Adapter characterictics  
12 Type Vertical with 2 spreading drums
13 Adapter weight [kg] 440
14 Adapter drive Tractor PTO (1000 rpm)
15 Jointed telescopic shaft for adapter drive 680 Nm
  Machine characteristics  
16 Spreading width [mm] 12000-15000
17 Wheel system Tandem (two independent rocker arms without suspension springs)
18 Wheel track [mm] 1900
19 Wheel base [mm] 1330
20 Tyres 550/60-22.5 16PR
  Electrical system  
21 Electrical system voltage [V] 12
  Optional equipment  
22 Hydraulic brake
25 Vertical four-cylinder adapter

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

V standard
• optional

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