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  • Front loader T812 – 500/500 kg

    The new T812/2 and T812/1 front loaders are the smallest additions to this Metal-Fach product range. The equipment weight is 260 or 190 kg, respectively. The maximum lifting capacity of both is 500 kg. The front loader is a machine installed at the front of a tractor. It is a hydraulic tool for handling and loading light materials. The machine is powered directly by the tractor’s hydraulic power system. The support frame is intended for permanent installation on the tractor to mount the front loader. The support frames are customised for specific tractor brands and models. Metal-Fach carries a selection of more than 200 frame designs for every machine. The maximum lifting height is 2.7 m for the T812/1 and 2.3 m for the T812/2. The loading height of the bucket is 2.3 m or 1.8 m, depending on the selected version. The unloading height is 1.7 m and 1.2 m, respectively.

    • DURABLE: The front loader’s structure is preserved in a complex anti-corrosive coating process. All machine components are shot blasted and degreased for effective anti-corrosion protection
    • PRECISE: The front loader features a levelling indicator
    • CONVENIENT: The special hydraulic accumulator absorbs shocks during operation
    • ROBUST: The suitably formed arm sections and the best steel grade for the critical operating parts ensure safe operation of the device for many years. The extra reinforcement inside the arm improves structural stability and rigidity.
    • EASY TO USE: The control is based on a Nimco joystick
    • STRONG: The self-lubricated bushes feature superior durability and resistance to guarantee a long operating life
    • FAST WORKING: The standard equipment includes the best-in-class Nimco directional control valve that is coupled directly to the tractor’s feed line. This results in faster motions and protection against hydraulic pump failure
    • MINIMUM MAINTENANCE: The sliding bearings are lubrication-free throughout the entire service life


  • Item Type T812/2 T812/1
    1 Maximum lifting capacity [kg] 500 500
    2 Lifting height [mm] 2 313 2 780
    3 Bucket loading height for bulk materials [mm] 1843 2308
    4 Bucket unloading height for bulk materials [mm] 1213 1765
    5 Type of lifting cylinder

    UCJ 312-40/22/550,

    UCJ 313-40/22/300

    UCJ 316-40/22/200,

    UCJ 315-40/22/370,

    UCJ 314-40/22/370

    6 Operating pressure [MPa] 18 18
    7 Loader [kg] 190 260
    8 Counterweight + ballast weight [kg] 400 400
      Frame dimensions    
    9 Length [mm] 1849 1590
    10 Width [mm] 900 900
      Max speed    
    11 Working speed [km/h] 10 10
    12 Transport speed [km/h] 15 15
      Optional equipment    
    13 Control system Joystick Joystick
    14 Accessory mounts EURO/SMS EURO/SMS
    15 Shock absorber
    16 MULTILOCK-type connection of hydraulic lines

    V standard
    • optional

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

V standard
• optional

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