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  • Big-Bag Fertiliser Suspended Loader T466 – 1000kg

    The T466 suspended loader is intended for lifting and unloading fertilizer Big Bags. The loader can be also used for direct loading of fertilizer spreader load bodies. The loader can be coupled with a tractor along with a fertiliser spreader. The loader is designed for coupling with Class 2 one-man tractors equipped with a driver’s cabin, a fully operational three point hitch and a power take-off shaft. Special adapters are available from the manufacturer for Class 3 tractors. Do not use the loader to carry big bags across large distances or in any other way that is classified as improper use.

    • PERFECT FOR FERTILIZER HANDLING: For handling Big Bags containing fertilizer
    • CLASS 2 TRACTOR COMPATIBLE: The machine can be coupled with Class 2 tractors. The special adapter is available for coupling with Class 3 tractors
    • NO LIMITS: The loader arm extends by 800 mm
    • TROUBLE-FREE: The machine is powered via 2 pairs of hydraulic connectors. The front loader is made of strong, high quality structural streel
    • A PERFECT MATCH: The machine can be mounted on a tractor along with a fertiliser spreader
    • SAFE: The hydraulic actuators feature controlled motion stop valves


Item Type T466
1 Maximum lifting capacity [kg] 1000
2 loader [kg] 350
  Overall dimensions  
3 Width [mm] 1160
4 Length [mm] 2126
5 Length with extended arm [mm] 2926
6 Height of the machine resting on the ground [mm] 2220
7 Height of the machine resting on the ground, with the arm lifted and extended [mm] 4639
8 Height of the machine resting on the ground, with the arm lifted and retracted [mm] 3889
  Tractor requirements  
9 Minimum operating pressure [MPa] 16
10 Minimum flow rate [l/min] 25
11 Maximum operating pressure [MPa] 20
12 Maximum flow rate [l/min] 45
13 Driving tractor power output [KM] 90
14 TPH system category 2/3
15 Transport speed [km/h] 15

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

V standard
• optional

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