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  • SCHAFFER adapter frame

    Adapter frames are handy front loader devices that see frequent use. Metal-Fach’s range has been expanded by two new models of Schaffer adapter frames for interfacing with two mount types. Now you can choose from adapter frames for square and circular mounts.
    The adapter frames are an easy and convenient solution for coupling front loaders with EURO and SMS compatible tools and accessories.
    The OL-RS adapter square features the square mount style. The product weighs 52 kg. The mounting height is 349 mm. The OL-RSO adapter frame is adapted to circular mounts. Its weight is 58 kg with the mounting height of 301 mm.

    • SIMPLE SOLUTIONS: The adapter frames are easy and convenient accessories for front loaders.
    • MAKE YOUR CHOICE: Metal-Fach carries two adapter frame types for square and circular mounts.
    • DURABLE: The sturdy frame structure guarantees reliability and operating safety.
    • ALL-ROUNDER: The adapter frames can be installed as couplings on various front loader models and accessory equipment that supports the EURO and SMS standards.

Typ J.m. Ramka z mocowaniem kwadratowym Ramka z mocowaniem okrągłym
Masa kg 52 58
Wysokość mocowania mm 349 301
Przejście na mocowanie EURO/SMS EURO/SMS

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

V standard
• optional

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