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  • Expandable bale grip

    The new addition to Metal-Fach’s product range is the advanced and handy expandable bale grip. Today, it is hard to imagine working without this convenient tool. The grip can be mounted on the tractor’s front or rear. The grip is powered by the tractor’s hydraulic system.
    The maximum lifting capacity is 700 kg. The lifting height is nearly 3 m. The grip’s weight is 300 kg. This is what makes this accessory unique. The equipment has a maximum working speed of 10 km/h. When in the stowed position, the maximum carrier vehicle speed is
    15 km/h.
    The grip can be mounted on a front loader. Due to the applicable safety requirements, the vehicle’s rear axle must carry additional ballast if its normal load is less than 20% of the overall load across the individual axles. Install the additional ballast box on the front or rear TPH, as required.
    What is important, the grip can stack bales in flat or standing layers and build stacks up to 6 bales high. This can be done with a front loader and a special adapter frame.
    The grip can be operated on tractors without a front loader by mounting the equipment on the front or rear three-point hitch. The special design of this accessory allows quick and easy mounting on front loaders and TPH systems.

    • UNIVERSAL INTERFACE: The grip can be coupled directly with the tractor’s front or rear adapters and powered by the vehicle’s hydraulic system.
    • FRONT LOADER INTERFACE: This tool can be easily mounted on a front loader.
    • FAR REACH: The grip can lift loads up to 3 m above the ground.
    • EASIER AND MORE EFFICIENT: The grip can stack bales in flat or standing layers and build stacks up to 6 bales high.
    • EASY MOUNTING: The simple, intuitive design helps coupling the grip easily and directly with the tractor or front loader TPH.

Technical specification Expandable grip
Maximum load capacity [kg] 700
Lifting height [mm] 2990 + front loader or TPH lifting height
Operating pressure 16
Grip weight [kg] 300
Working speed [km/h] 10
Transport speed [km/h] 15

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

V standard
• optional

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