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  • Half-pipe construction trailer T952 – 14t

    The T952 model is designed for construction and civil engineering work. The dimensions and performance ratings make it an excellent choice for hauling heavy materials, e.g. stone, rock and rubble. The trailer has a hydraulically opened tail gate, and the back-tipped body makes unloading smooth and easy. The trailer features a manual rigid rear hitch and a tow bar with transverse suspension. The onboard 12-volt electrical system features road lamps and a tail electrical outlet. The trailer structure rests on a tandem two-axle wheel system with parabolic springs. Note the hydraulic support foot, the mechanical parking brake, and the optional hydraulic braking system. The special front guard and the wings on all wheels improve the safety and ease of use.

    • A PERFECT CONSTRUCTION COMPANION: This 14-tonne trailer is designed to handle all types of construction work
    • CONVENIENT: The back-tipping body with a hydraulically opened rear gate improve the functionality
    • SAFE: The hydraulic support foot, the mechanical parking brake, and the optional hydraulic braking system improve the overall safety of use
    • EASY TO USE: The transverse suspended tow bar and the two-axle wheel system make the trailer very convenient and robust
    • ON THE ROAD AND FOR CONSTRUCTION WORK: The road lamps permit use of the trailer on public roads


Item Type  T952
1 Load capacity [kg] 14
2 Gross combined weight [kg] 19
3 Weight [kg] 5000
4 Total length / width / height* [mm] 6200/2550/2200
5 Cargo spacel ength/width/height [mm] 4600/2400/700
6 Cargo space height from ground [mm] 1350
7 Capacity [m3] 7.7
8 Side wall height [mm] 500
9 Top section capacity [m3] 13.2
10 Tipper / tipping angle (rear/sides) rear 45o
11 Wheel system tandem
12 Side wall profile bent metal sheet
13 Y-type drawbar [mm] V (1600)
14 Pneumatic double-line braking system with manual adjustment of braking force V
15 Mechanical screw parking brake V
16 Axles and mechanical suspension (parabolic leaf spring) V
17 Lighting system 12 V V
18 Hydraulic cylinder V
19 Drawbar with traverse suspension spring, hydraulically-operated rear gate V
20 Wedges for wheels – 2 pcs. V
21 Hydraulic parking jack  for drawbar V
22 Body lacquer coat (e.g. to match tractor's colour) V
23 Stream chute
24 Top sections 500 mm
25 Front ball hitch Ø80 mm
26 Warning triangle
27 Manual rear hitch
28 Pneumatic, electrical, hydraulic socket for second trailer
29 Two wedges for wheels located in galvanised pockets V
30 Cataphoretic protection of metal surfaces V
31 Two-component chemohardenable painting materials of high durability and UV resistance V
32 Antibicycle kit V
33 Water tank with soap container V
34 Toolbox V

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

V standard
• optional

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