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  • Farming trailer T710/2 – 8t

    The T710 two-axle trailers are designed for farming use. Two versions are available, in 6 and 8 tonne capacities. Durability is the prime feature of our trailers. The hollow shapes of the side walls are secured with continuous welds. All body half-pipe parts are coated with a two-component chemically hardened paint that boasts high durability and UV resistance. The trailer walls also have additional clamping cables. It has a lightweight, robust structure largely based on hollow sections. The trailer can be unloaded from three sides. The walls are centrally locked for improved safety. The standard trailers feature a 40 mm hitch ring and a V-type tow bar. The optional 50 mm hitch ring is available as an extra. The loading body has a universal wall opening system. The rear wall has a grain discharge damper with an extra lock. The trailer comes with a tail brake system and hydraulic power port cluster for towing a second trailer. The manual rear hitch is available in the rigid body version. The T710 can have a single or dual-line pneumatic brake system. A hydraulic system can also be added on request. The trailer can be optionally equipped with solid wall or mesh panel top sections, a tarpaulin cover and frame, a service platform, a spare wheel cage, or a spare wheel cage with a winch. The standard tow bar is the V-type, which can be replaced with the extended V-type or Y-type.

    • LIGHTWEIGHT: The light, robust structure is largely based on hollow sections
    • DURABLE: The hollow sections of the side walls are secured with continuous welds. All body half-pipe parts are coated with a two-component chemically hardened paint that boasts high durability and UV resistance.
    • SAFE: The trailer standard brake system is single-line or dual-line pneumatic
    • HANDY: Three-side unloading, central wall lock system, and a bulk discharge damper in the rear wall.
    • HIGHLY VERSATILE: The trailer can be upgraded with many optional accessories and modifications on request


Item Type  T710/2
1 Load capacity [kg] 8000
2 Gross combined weight [kg] 10200
3 Weight [kg] 2550
4 Total length / width / height* [mm] 6200/ 2250/ 1780
5 Cargo spacelength/width/height [mm] 4195/ 2130/ 600
6 Cargo spaceheight from ground [mm] 1295
7 Capacity [m3] 5.3
8 Top section height [mm] 500 (full), 500 (net)
9 Top section capacity [m3] 5.3/9.8
10 Tipper / tipping angle (rear/sides) three-side 45o
11 Wheel system double-axle
12 Ladder and side wall stairs for easier access to the body V
13 Working platform
14 Tarpaulin cover with rack
15 Body shape rectangular
16 Bodywith universal wall opening system V
17 Central locking of Side walls V
18 Lines for pressing side walls V
19 Chassis frame type made of closed steel sections
20 V-type drawbar [mm] V 2000
21 Y-type drawbar [mm] • (2100)
22 Extended v-type drawbar [mm] • (2200)
23 Extended y-type drawbar [mm] • (2350)
24 Ø40 mm ring hitch V
25 Ø50 mm ring hitch
26 Single-section pneumatic brake system V
27 Double-section pneumatic brake system
28 Hydraulic brake system
29 Additional cost to  anti-lock brake controller – ALB valve
30 Manual parking brake with crank handle V
31 Wheel track depending on the axles and rims [mm] 1700
32 Tyres 12.5/80-15.3 16PR
33 Suspension springs V
34 Spare wheel carrier
35 12 V lighting system  V
36 Side outline light (reflective) V
37 Connection line for lighting instalation V
38 Electrical system for second trailer V
39 Manual rear hitch, rigid V
40 Rear outlets for hydraulic system and brakes for second trailer V
41 Telescopic cylinder with three-sided tipper and articulated suspension V
42 Wall closed profile spaces secured with continuous weld V
43 Grain damper with a lock in rear wall V
44 Chute to damper V
45 Two wedges for wheels located in galvanised pockets V
46 Cataphoretic protection of metal surfaces V
47 Two-component chemohardenable painting materials of high durability and UV resistance V

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

V standard
• optional

. . .