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  • Platform trailers for bales T027 – 12t

    The T027 is the largest model of the two-axle bale platforms. The trailer can carry up to 24 bales in two rows. The loading space length can be extended. The platform deck is made of riffled plates. The features include profiled side rims and side panels with chain stays. The trailer can be used on public roads, because it has clearance lights and side lamps. The loads can be secured with an additional two strap/rope ratchet system. Both axles have suspension springs for improved operation. The platform has a pneumatic dual-line braking system, a hand-operated parking brake, based on cranks, and 2 wheel chocks. A hydraulic braking system is optionally available. Many users will certainly appreciate the water tank, the toolbox, and the plastic wings and mudguards.

    • DURABLE: The riffled decks and wall chain stays improve the overall structural durability
    • SAFE: Two ratchets for cargos straps or ropes improve safety during transport
    • SPACIOUS: The platform can carry up to 12 tonnes of bales in two rows of 12 bales
    • HANDY ACCESSORIES: Toolbox and water tank included
    • CONVENIENT: Suspensions springs, plastic wheel wings and plastic mudguards: the trailer will satisfy the more demanding user


Item Type  T027
1 Load capacity [kg] 12 250
2 Gross combined weight [kg] 15 000
3 Weight [kg] 2750
4 Total length / width / height [mm] 8905-9505/ 2500/ 3180
5 Cargo space length/width/height [mm] 6770-7370/ 2340/ 840
6 Cargo space height from ground [mm] 1150
7 Body capacity [bale number] 24
8 Body extension range [mm] 600
10 Support side walls V
11 Parking brake V
12 Hydraulic brake
13 Wheel track [mm] 1900
14 2 wedges for wheels located in galvanised pockets V
15 Tyres 500/50-17
16 Drawbar eye [mm] 40/50
17 Electrical system with outlets for second trailer V
18 Double-section brake system with outlets for second trailer V
19 Side wall supporting chains V
20 Two-component chemo-hardenable painting materials of high durability and UV resistance V
21 Cataphoretic protection of metal surfaces V

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

V standard
• optional

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