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  • Farming trailer T730/2 – 10t

    The T730 tandem farming trailer is available in three load capacities: 8, 10 and 12 tonnes. All body half-pipe parts are coated with a two-component chemically hardened paint that boasts high durability and UV resistance. The trailer walls also have additional clamping cables. It has a lightweight, robust structure largely based on hollow sections. The side walls and the rear wall are movable and enable unloading from three sides. Side panel clamping springs are also available as optional accessories as an extra. The floor and side panel joints are sealed with gaskets that prevent spillage of bulk load through the gaps. The walls are centrally locked for improved safety. The standard trailer features a 40 mm hitch ring. The rear wall has a grain discharge damper with an extra lock. The manual rear hitch is available in the rigid body version. The trailer can also be optionally equipped with an automatic hitch system. The trailer comes with a tail brake system and hydraulic power port cluster for hitching a second trailer. The T730 has road lamps, and can be upgraded with clearance marker lights on request. The trailer has a pneumatic dual-line brake system. An ALB valve-based braking force controller can be installed on request. The standard accessories include an access ladder and stairs for easier access to the loading body. The trailer can be optionally equipped with a tarpaulin cover and frame, solid wall or mesh panel top sections, a service platform, and a bike-tagalong protection kit.

    • LIGHTWEIGHT: The light, robust structure is largely based on hollow sections
    • DURABLE: All body half-pipe parts are coated with a two-component chemically hardened paint that boasts high durability and UV resistance.
    • SAFE: The trailer standard brake system is dual-line pneumatic
    • HANDY: Three-side unloading, central wall lock system, and a bulk discharge damper in the rear wall. The trailer has the tipping system with a hydraulic cut-off valve and sealing gaskets on the loading body gaps
    • HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE: On request, the trailer can be optionally equipped with many convenient accessories and upgrades: an ALB valve-based braking force controller, a hydraulic brake system, a tarpaulin cover and frame, a service platform, a toolbox, and a bike-tagalong protection kit
    • HITCH UP ANOTHER ONE: The tail hydraulic power and brake system port cluster helps you to hitch a second trailer
    • VISIBLE ON THE ROAD: The standard accessories include road lamps; clearance lights are optionally available


Item Type  T730/2
1 Load capacity [kg] 10 000
2 Gross combined weight [kg] 13 900
3 Weight [kg] 3900
4 Total length / width / height* [mm] 6495/ 2550/ 1885
5 Cargo spacelength/width/height [mm] 4510/ 2410/ 600
6 Cargo spaceheight from ground [mm] 1290
7 Capacity [m3] 6.6
8 Top section height [mm] 350 (net), 500 (net), 500 (full)
9 Top section capacity [m3] 10.4/12.0/12.0
10 Tipper / tipping angle (rear/sides) three-side 45o
11 Wheel system tandem
12 Ladder and side wall stairs for easier access to the body V
13 Working platform
14 Tarpaulin cover with rack
15 Body shape rectangular
16 Seals to provide trailer tightness V
17 Bodywith universal wall opening system V
18 Central locking of Side walls V
19 Set of side wall pressure springs.
20 Lines for pressing side walls V
21 Chassis frame type made of open steel sections
22 Hitch adapter V
23 Ø40 mm ring hitch V
24 Double-section pneumatic brake system V
25 Hydraulic brake system
26 Additional cost to  anti-lock brake controller – ALB valve
27 Manual parking brake with crank handle V
28 Wheel track depending on the axles and rims [mm] 1900
29 Tyres 385/65 R22.5
30 Suspension springs V
31 12 V lighting system  V
32 Side outline light (reflective) V
33 Connection line for lighting instalation V
34 Electrical system for second trailer V
35 Manual rear hitch, rigid V
36 Automatic rear hitch
37 Rear outlets for hydraulic system and brakes for second trailer V
38 Telescopic cylinder with three-sided tipper and articulated suspension V
39 Wall closed profile spaces secured with continuous weld V
40 Grain damper with a lock in rear wall V
41 Chute to damper V
42 Two wedges for wheels located in galvanised pockets V
43 Cataphoretic protection of metal surfaces V
44 Two-component chemohardenable painting materials of high durability and UV resistance V
45 Antibicycle kit

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

V standard
• optional

. . .