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  • Disc Cultivator U741 – 3,0m

    The seed disk cultivator is intended for pre-seeding cultivation of soil after ploughing, and for working the stubble soil. The machine is designed for coupling with seeders. The main operating components of the cultivator are 24 disc units, 510 mm in diameter. The required tractor power output is 90 to 120 HP. The machine’s working depth is adjusted with a packer roller. The maximum working depth is 15 cm. The machine features specially designed side screens that keep the soil from falling outside the working swath.

    • CONTROL THE WORKING DEPTH: Working depth adjustment with a mechanical packer roller based system. The machine can be accessorized with an optional hydraulic working depth adjustment system.
    • EVERYTHING KEPT IN CHECK: The specially designed side screens keep the soil from falling outside the working swath.
    • SAFE: Every toothed disc is protected by rubber shock absorbers that closely follow the terrain line. The absorbers also protect from overloading stresses and make your work safe
    • UPGRADE IT: The machine can optionally feature a seeder hydraulic power pack
    • MAINTENANCE-FREE: Equipped with maintenance-free hubs by SKF


Item Type U741
1 Working width [m] 3.0
2 No. of discs [pcs] 24 (22 + 2 edge discs)
3 Main/edge disc diameter [mm] Ø510 / Ø460
4 No. of disc rows [pcs.] 2
5 Depth adjustment range [cm] 5-15
6 Space between discs [mm] 250
7 Working speed [km/h] 9-15
8 Power demand [HP] 80-110
9 Effective field capacity [ha/h] 3.0-5.0
10 Suspension category  II or III
11 Hitch Ø28/Ø36
12 Roller type and diameter [mm]

– tubular Ø500,

– Packer Ø500

  Overall dimensions  

Transport position (hydropack lifted)

length / width / height [mm]

3000 / 2340 / 1860
14 Working position length / width / height [mm] 3530 / 1390 / 1860
15 Cultivator without a roller or hydropack [kg] 830
16 Weight with Packer roller and hydropack [kg] 1180
17 Cultivator with tubular roller and hydropack [kg] 1305
18 Hydropack 175
19 Sower type row sower
20 Sower width [m] 3.0
21 Total sower weight [kg]  1200
  Optional equipment  
22 Hydraulic roller adjustment 
23 Hydropack 

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

V standard
• optional

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