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  • Baling press Z602

    Press Z602 device type helical chain. It allows for rolling bale diameter and 1200 mm wide. Maximum allowable weight per bale, depending on the nature of the material ranges from 100 to 600 kg. The equipment weighs 2850 kg. The distinguishing feature of the press is its simple and intuitive operation, which takes place by means of electronic, legible control panel. The design uses Drum-finger pick width 1800 mm which improves work efficiency. Rotary feed unit in a natural way as if forcing even feeding material to the rolling chamber, which also affects the efficiency and pace of work. The height of the pick-up wheels can be individually adjusted. Particularly noteworthy is the way bale ejection, which takes place within the tailgate - ejector staggered bales in this place allows you to start the process of closing the tailgate without departing from the ejected bale - this solution effectively increases the operating time. Press Z602 features a durable, robust and resistant to mechanical design and durable composite cover. 13 knives are individually protected against mechanical damage. The equipment is also able to adjust the drawbar. Road lighting enables safe transport of the machine on public roads.

    • EFFICIENCY: ejector drags bales from the tailgate so that the pace of work is even higher
    • SAFETY: The knives are individually protected
    • DURABILITY: casing of the press is made of composite
    • EASY TO USE: electronic control allows you to focus on your work and not on its use
    • LET'S GO! Lighting enables it to transport on public roads
    • PERFECT EQUAL: rotary feed unit forces even feeding material
    • TESTS IN ALL CONDITIONS: wide tires allow you to work in difficult terrain

Lp. Type Z602
Machine dimensions:
1 Length [mm] 4000
2 Width [mm] 2470
3 Height [mm] 2100
4 Mass [kg] 2400
Tractor requirements:
5 Power requirements for WPM [kW] ok. 60
6 The speed PTO [rpm] 540
7 Hydraulic connections to the tractor 3 pairs of connectors
8 Minimum tractor power [kW] ok. 70
9 Requiring the pressure in the hydraulic system of the tractor [Atm./MPa] 140/14
10 Required oil flow [l / min] 25
11 Voltage electrical system [V] 12
12 Working speed / Transport [km / h] 10/20
Characteristics of Bales:
13 Performance [pcs./h] 40
14 Bale width [mm] 1200
15 Bale diameter [mm] 1200
16 Time to buy [kg] 100-600
17 Type of the rolling chamber Roller chain fixed chamber
18 bale density variable
19 The racking grid IN
20 The supply chamber pick-up and feeder rotor
21 type of pick-up Drum-finger, 4-row
22 Pick-up width [mm] 1800
23 The working width of the collection [mm] 1520
24 Pick the number of fingers 44
25 Size 400 / 60-15,5
26 Tyre pressure [kPa] 2.5
The cutting unit
27 feed rotor star three vertices
28 Number of knives chopper [pcs.] 13
29 Theoretical cutting length [mm] 85
30 knife protection individual spring
Additional equipment
33 Central chain lubrication
34 wide pTO
35 PTO with automatic couplers

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

V standard
• optional

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