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  • Baling press Z587 / 1 - Chain

    The new model of the press Z587 / 1 are characterized by altered dimensions. Its length is 4 meters and a width of 2.4 meters. Total weight of the device along with the pick-up is 2800 kg. The press stands higher efficiency compared to the previous version. With it you can carry bales of larger dimensions - 1500 mm diameter and 1200 mm in width. Due to the larger size bales, it has also changed the weight of one bale. With the press you can be rolled bales weighing depending on the type of material - even from 150 to 900 kg. The device is distinguished by a large capacity which is 15 to 30 bales per hour. Press Z587 / 1 is equipped with a fixed chamber squeeze.

    The press can be aggregated with a tractor with a minimum power 40KM through the lower transport hitch. The standard equipment of the press chain is racking system with string, which allows for 2-point density adjustment wrapping. The machine has a comfortable shoe and supporting electronic control panel with which the press can be controlled directly from the cab. New press Metal-profession can be equipped with a grid racking system that improves working efficiency, significantly reducing the time wrapping the bale. It is also a better protection of the material against moisture and reduces the consumption of the press. The device can be used while using the popular tractor - "sixty".

    • MORE PRODUCTIVITY: new technical solutions implemented in the model Z587 / 1 allow for the collection of 15- 30 bales per hour, and each bale can weigh from 150 to 900 kg
    • UNIVERSAL APPLICATION: designed to collect various types of plant material: hay, grass, straw
    • COMFORTABLE BALES: the solutions allow you to obtain a bale width and 1.2 m in diameter, which facilitates storage
    • SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTION: constant squeeze chamber allows for trouble-free operation in a variety of conditions
    • EASY TO USE: simple but durable technology makes ease of use
    • SIMPLE CONTROL: control is done using a digital panel
    • GRID AND CORD: the press is equipped with racking systems and net cord
    • CHOOSE HOW TO WORK: the device is designed to work both in the easy mode, automatic or manual - it all depends on the individual needs
    • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Drum - finger pick a more productive work
    • SAFETY: The newspaper has a hydraulic lock chamber

    Press-baling-fixed chamber-lancuchowa_Z587_zalety

Lp. Type Z587 / 1
Machine dimensions:
1 Length [mm] 4000
2 Width [mm] 2510
3 Height [mm] 2400
4 Mass [kg] 2800
Tractor requirements:
5 Power requirements for WPM [kW / hp] 44/60
6 The speed PTO [rpm] 540
7 Hydraulic connections to the tractor 1 divider double-acting 1 single-acting distributor
8 Requiring the pressure in the hydraulic system of the tractor [Atm./MPa] 140/14
9 Required oil flow [l / min] 25
10 Voltage electrical system [V] 12
11 Transport speed [km / h] 20
Characteristics of Bales:
12 Performance [pcs./h] 44
13 Bale width [mm] 1200
14 Bale diameter [mm] 1500
15 Time to buy [kg] 240-900
16 Type of the rolling chamber chain fixed chamber
17 bale density variable
18 The racking grid
19 The racking string IN
20 Adjusting the density wrapping twine 2-stage
21 The supply chamber pick-up and feeder truck
22 type of pick-up Drum-finger, 4-row
23 Pick-up width [mm] 1800
24 The working width of the collection [mm] 1520
25 Pick the number of fingers 44
26 Size 400/60 to 15.5 14PR
27 Tyre pressure [kPa] 250
28 wide pTO
29 PTO with automatic couplers
30 Central chain lubrication
31 Pick-up with a width of 2m

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

V standard
• optional

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