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  • Baler Z562 with rotor

    The Z562 baler with rotor is an enhanced Z562 model, which is the first one on the Polish market to feature innovative cylindrical baling chambers with a high product compaction ratio to achieve an excellent quality of haylage.

    Similar to the Z562 base model, the rotor version also features 180 cm wide pickups and a net wrapper. This can increase the work efficiency by as much as 30%. The machine also features an ensilage applicator and the rear gate mechanical lock, which, unlike the hydraulic-powered versions, does not stress the coupled tractor. The rotor baler is somewhat longer and heavier than the base model. The rotary feeding system ensures even feeding of material to the baling chamber, which improves the work speed and efficiency.

    • PERFORMANCE: the 180 cm pickups and net wrappers increase the harvest efficiency by as much as 30%.
    • WORK SPEED: this is the first product on the marked with an ensilage applicator, so processing is already underway during harvesting.
    • HIGH HAYLAGE QUALITY: the innovative technology involving perfectly round baling chambers assures the maximum compaction ratio possible.
    • EASY CONTROL: simple and reliable control with an electronic panel that features a bale counter and other features.
    • EFFICIENCY ON ROUGH TERRAIN: the wide wheels easily traverse soft ground.
    • ECONOMY: unlike hydraulic-powered solutions, the rear gate mechanical lock reduces tractor fuel consumption.
    • DURABILITY: the robust composite guard and the reliable, sturdy structure ensure many years of operation.


Item no. Type Z562-1 [rotor]
Machine dimensions:
1 Length [mm] 3800
2 Width [mm] 2470
3 Height [mm] 2050
4 Weight [kg] 2300
Tractor requirements:
5 PTO power demand [kW] 40
6 PTO rotational speed [rpm] 540
7 Electrical connection to tractor 1 7-pin lighting socket + 1 car lighter socket
8 Minimum tractor power output [kW] 50
9 Required tractor hydraulic system pressure [atm./MPa] 140/14
10 Required oil flow rate [l/min] 25
11 Electrical system voltage [V] 12
12 Working/transport speed [km/h] 10/20
Bale characteristics:
13 Yield [pcs./h] up to 40
14 Bale width [mm] 1200
15 Bale diameter [mm] 1200
16 Bale weight [kg] 100-600
17 Rolling chamber type cylindrical, fixed chamber
18 Bale density variable
19 Net wrapping system
20 Twine wrapping system V
21 Twine wrapping spacing adjustment 3 increments
22 Chamber feed system pick-up and rotary feeder
23 Pickup type drum-tine, 4 bars
24 Pickup width [mm] 1800
25 Service collecting width [mm] 1520
26 Number of pickup pins 44
27 Size 400/60-15.5 14PR
28 Tyre pressure [kPa] 250
Cutting system
29 Feeding rotor star-type with 3 vertices
Optional equipment
30 Chain central lubrication
31 Ensilingapplicator

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

V standard
• optional

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