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  • Z562-18

    Fixed chamber baling press - 18 cylindrical Z562-18 allows you to set up to 40 bales per hour. Permissible weight of each bale is up to 600 kg. Z562-18 weighs 2.4 tons. It requires the aggregation of the tractor with a capacity of at least 70 hp. The equipment is widely used in the collection of straw, hay and silage silage, rolling them into cylindrical bales. The machine uses a simple structure type cylindrical rolling chamber, based on the roll 18. The press is equipped with a pressure indicator convenient rolling. Machine control is done via a convenient electronic panel. The standard equipment is equipped with 13 cutting blades, which are additionally protected against mechanical damage. The machine has a racking system net and twine. Wheel pick-up height is adjustable and the same pick - Drum-finger width 1800 mm increase efficiency. Installed in the press rotary force application assembly uniform feed material into the rolling chamber, which results in greater efficiency and speed of work. The entire structure was closed durable and lightweight composite casing. Interestingly, the press can also be retrofitted in the central chain lubrication, which greatly increases their lifespan, applicator for silage and wide-angle PTO.

    • SIGNIFICANT CAPACITY: Within an hour you can prepare up to 40 bales
    • WIDE TYRES possible to work on marshy grounds
    • PERFECT SUIT: the height of the pick-up wheels can be adjusted
    • PRECISE: rotating feed unit - automatically "locks" even feeding material to the rolling chamber
    • EFFECTIVE: 13 cutting blades as standard. Cut material for a minimum length of 85 mm and have individual protection spring

Lp. Type Z562-40   Machine dimensions:   1 Length [mm] 4000 2 Width [mm] 2470 3 Height [mm] 2100 4 Mass [kg] 2400   Tractor requirements:   5 Power requirements for WPM [kW] ok. 60 6 The speed PTO [rpm] 540 7 Hydraulic connections to the tractor 2 dividers double-acting 8 Minimum tractor power [kW] ok. 70 9 Requiring the pressure in the hydraulic system of the tractor [Atm./MPa] 140/14 10 Required oil flow [l / min] 25 11 Voltage electrical system [V] 12 12 Working speed / Transport [km / h] 10/20   Characteristics of Bales:   13 Performance [pcs./h] 40 14 Bale width [mm] 1200 15 Bale diameter [mm]  1200 16 Time to buy [kg] 100-600 17 Type of the rolling chamber roller fixed chamber 18 bale density variable 19 The racking grid 20 The racking string IN 21 Adjusting the density wrapping twine 3-stage 22 The supply chamber pick-up and feeder rotor   podbieracz:   23 type of pick-up Drum-finger 24 Pick-up width [mm] 1800 25 The working width of the collection [mm] 1520 26 Pick the number of fingers 44   tires   27 Size 400 / 60-15,5 28 Tyre pressure [kPa] 2.5   The cutting unit   29 feed rotor star three vertices 30 Number of knives chopper [pcs.] 13 31 Theoretical cutting length [mm] 85 32 knife protection individual spring   Additional equipment   33 Central chain lubrication 37 wide pTO

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

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