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  • Bale wrapper Z593 self-loading

    The Z593 self-loading bale wrapper features the front loading gripper for quick and effective work in line with a round baler (i.e. along the field and not across it like other bale wrapper types ). The machine is available in two variants: with mechanical or electronic control.
    The pickup and wrapping of bales is made in transit to the next bale or the bale dump for improved efficiency. The machine comes with a film pickup and cutting device that requires operator’s intervention only to replace the film roll. When the wrapping process is complete, the bale can be gently placed on the base using the hydraulic bale positioning device which reduces the risk of film damage during unloading.
    The machine is complete with the advanced universal 500 and 750 mm film roll feeder.
    The special design of the four rotary shafts prevents the bales from slipping when being wrapped.
    The direct drive transmission to a special slewing ring of the rotary table ensures silent operation of the machine and greater reliability when compared to chain transmission systems.
    The machine is controlled from the tractor cab with the control levers of the four-section hydraulic system equipped with Bowden cables.
    The bale wrapper comes with a programmable counting controller which displays the current bale wrap count, the operating time, the number of processed bales, and the average number of bales wrapped per hour. The controller can process data separately for three farming fields.

    • EFFICIENT: The machine works in line with the round baler, not across its path
    • HIGH PERFORMANCE: The bales are picked up and wrapped on the go
    • MINIMUM OPERATOR INVOLVEMENT: The fully automated bale processing reduces operator’s involvement to film roll replacement
    • EASY CONTROL: The bale wrapper can be controlled with the hydraulic DCV levers in the tractor cab or the standard hydraulic control valve
    • MINIMUM RISK OF FILM DAMAGE: The wrapped bales are positioned on special bases with the hydraulic bale positioning device
    • WORKING COMFORT: The machine features containers for two spare film rolls
    • UNIVERSAL SOLUTIONS: The handy universal feeder fits the two popular roll widths, 500 mm and 750 mm
    • LOWER BALE SLIP: The four rotary shafts reduce the risk of bale slip during the wrapping process
    • HANDY AND COMFORTABLE: The adjustable telescoping support foot of the bale positioning device allows adapting of the bale drop height
    • SILENT AND TROUBLE-FREE RUNNING: The slewing ring drive transmission works reliably and without noise
    • SIMPLE CONTROLS: The machine is operated with the hydraulic control levers in the tractor cab
    • EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL: The bale wrap counting controller lets the operator monitor the film wrap count, see the running time, or the average number of bales wrapped per hour. The controller can be programmed to process data separately for three farming fields
    • UNIVERSAL HITCHING SYSTEM: The machine can be coupled to the tractor hitch via a height-adjustable tow bar
    • WORK OR HAUL: The machine can be positioned in the work configuration or the transport configuration as required


Item Type Z593-00 Z593-0E
  Bale characteristics    
1 Wrapped bale diameter [mm] 1000-1200 1000-1200
2 Wrapped bale length 1200 1200
3 Maximum bale weight [kg] 800 800
4 Bale wrapping time [min] approx. 1.3/2 about 2
5 Film width [mm] 500/750 500/750
  Machine characteristics    
6 Number of table revolutions while using 500 mm / 750 mm film [revolutions] 24/16 24/16
7 Bale loading method automatic, with loading arm automatic, with loading arm
8 Bale unloading method automatic with an unloading unit automatic with an unloading unit
9 Machine drive hydraulic hydraulic
10 Wheel track [mm] 2000 2000
11 Wheel size 26.5×14.00-12 26.5×14.00-12
12 Tyre pressure [bar] 1.7 1.7
  Overall dimensions    
13 Weight [kg] 1250 1250
14 Length [mm] 5220 5220
15 Width [mm] 2200 2390
16 Height [mm] 2500 2600
  Tractor requirements    
17 Method of coupling to the tractor mounted mounted
18 Coupling to a tractor by agricultural hitch agricultural hitch
19 Tractor power output [kW] min. 30 min. 30
20 Recommended tractor pump output [l/min] 22 22
21 Required pressure in the tractor power hydraulic system [MPa] 14 14
22 Maximum transport speed [km/h] 15 15
  Electrical System    
23 Machine lighting in accordance to the requirements of the traffic code in accordance to the requirements of the traffic code
24 Electrical system voltage [V] 12 12
  Optional equipment    
25 Automatic film cutter V V
26 Wrapping film feeder V V
27 Wrap counter V V
28 Support foot V V
29 Transport wheel position V V
30 Hydraulic bale positioning device V V
31 Automatic hydraulic film cutter
32 Film breaking sensor

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

V standard
• optional

. . .