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  • Z552 Stationary Bale Wrapper

    The bale wrappers are intended for wrapping individual bales of semi-dry grass and legume hay used in the process of ensilaging.
    The Z552 bale wrapper is a stationary machine. The machine can be coupled with a tractor by the three-point hitch. The motive power is generated by the hydraulic motor fed directly by the tractor accessory pump. The machine features the 500 mm film roll feeder. This bale wrapper meets the needs of the most demanding users. Its design is a result of years of design and production work of Metal-Fach engineers. Hence the products boast the highest manufacturing quality with excellent attention to finish and details as well as extreme reliability.
    The Z552 can be optionally equipped with a reliable bale positioning device, an accessory that greatly facilitates daily work in the field. The machine comes complete with a handy bale wrap counting controller for the operator to monitor the work progress. The knurled aluminium rollers in the film feeder warrant reliable and top-quality performance.

    • EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL: An intuitive and legible bale wrap counting controller
    • GUARANTEED QUALITY: Many years of experience in machine manufacturing guarantee the highest quality of products
    • DURABILITY: The rotary table support rollers are made of a durable, wear-resistant plastic
    • WORKING COMFORT: The durable and easy to use 500 mm film roll feeder features a film cutting blade
    • SIMPLE DESIGN: The simplicity of the structure ensures years of trouble-free operation
    • STRENGTH: The special press-formed patterns of the bale wrapping drums improve the overall machine durability and prevent bale slipping
    • HANDY SOLUTIONS: The bale wrapper can be optionally equipped with a bale positioning device


Item Type Z552
  Bale characteristics  
1 Wrapped bale diameter [mm] 1000-1200
2 Wrapped bale length [mm] 1200
3 Maximum bale weight [kg] 800
4 Bale wrapping time [min] about 2
5 Film width [mm] 500
  Machine characteristics  
6 Number of table revolutions while using 500 mm film [revolution] 24
7 Bale loading method lift with a min. capacity of 1000 kg
8 Bale unloading method automatic, lifting up TPH
9 Machine drive hydraulic
  Overall dimensions  
10 Weight [kg] 450
11 Length [mm] 2670
12 Width [mm] 1450
13 Height [mm] 1672
  Tractor requirements  
14 Method of coupling to a tractor mounted
15 Coupling to a tractor  three-point hitch (TPH)
16 Tractor power [kW] min. 30
17 Recommended tractor pump output [l/min] 22
18 Required pressure in the tractor power hydraulic system [MPa] 14
19 Maximum transport speed [km/h] 20
  Electrical System  
20 Machine lighting optional, in accordance with the requirements of the traffic code
21 Electrical system voltage [V] 12
  Optional equipment  
22 Film cutter V
23 Wrapping film feeder V
24 Wrap counter V
25 Mechanical bale positioning device

* Depending on the soil type
** Options available as complete sets only

V standard
• optional

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