Metal-Fach has been dynamically developing the agricultural machinery and equipment sector.

Currently it is one of the largest companies in the region. The company facilities cover 16.5 hectares, including 4.3 hectares of sheltered floors. The product range was expanded in 2010 with the Nova truck semitrailers. Metal-Fach In the last 12 years of operation in the agricultural machinery sector Metal-Fach has marketed a wide range of products: from silage presses, through single- and double-axle trailers, to platforms for bales and digging reels. There are two types of baling presses available: the Z589 variable chamber displacement press and the Z562, available with the rotor or the rotor and blades, depending on the optional configuration. The offer includes bale wrapping machines, i.e. machines which are intended for wrapping individual bales of semi-dry grass and legumes hay.